not all those who wander are lost

Midtown drama yesterday, a small messy fire in one of the crack hotel apartment buildings on Garfield street.

Really doesnt look like its much more burnt than normal.

These old school buildings are deceptive when viewed from the facade – they go really deep and originally contained many units.

Across the street from from the newly burned crack palace, is another fine crack fortress. During the hullabaloo finishing up the mess across the street, a crackhead scurried out a window of this building and made his way toward the rear of the building inside the razorwire fence. Scrazy.
Making the scene more surreal, MOCAD prepares for some boxwine gala with tents and a party company caterer.

The unburned apartment has some cool tile work on the facade. Hopefully they might save these two – at least the facades. One street over, this exact thing is coming along quite nicely on a very similar apartment building.

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