not all those who wander are lost

pretty damn good painting

The painting in this post is gone now, but was in Midtown along Woodward Avenue near Mack Avenue.

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  • Sorry. The Swoon art is behind BackAlley Bikes at Cass and MLK. And two others a woman and a kid swinging a baseball bat are along Third Street going toward Cass Tech. Please excuse my confusion.

  • Swoon was in town in July I think for the Allied Arts thing. The woman above (looks like woodcut and silkscreen)is one of her paste ups that was done along with a few others around town. There’s another at BackYard Bikes and a couple more on Second going toward downtown. Also an old paste up of hers is nicely aged on the front door to Chungs on Cass.

    Speaking of paste-ups. A friend mentioned she saw the other morning that someone hit MOCAD with a large paste-up on Boxing Day. Drove by after work today — but saw nothing. Anybody know about this? Was wondering when someone would hit it, given the Barry McG big-ass graff on the front.;)

  • This one is sweet, I’ve been trying to log these great pieces but missed this one. Can you give a general street address?

    (Some others here:

    long page, slow to load)

  • swoon, from nyc.