not all those who wander are lost

Im serious – I mean it…DIRTY POOH !
Ahahahahaha !

This is the loooooongest abandoned car Ive ever seen.

Melted red sandstone lionhead. Most places would do something to preserve work like this. These lions are right on the sidewalk level, and you can just chip their faces off waiting for the bus. Apparently people do just that.

This porch was moved from the front of this Seminary to the south side during the 1930’s expansion of Woodward Avenue.

Heres a wishful sign posted in Crosswinds Park – Im sorry – I mean, Brush Park…heh..

Hmmm… This dont look like BrushPark to me. Where do they get the all the white people from ? Does Crosswinds import them ? Or do they build them in their crappy prefab construction warehouse ? How much does Crosswinds charge for a small whitefamily I wonder. I heard a mid-sized Crosswinds whitefamily starts in the low $190,000.00s…

But then they hit you up for all the details: clothing, bicycle for the child, shoes…it adds up, people.

In reality, THIS Is Brush Park !

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