Back of the United Artists Theater building

The Book Building, the 1927 Book Tower addition (is that UT and DVs light on up there ? I think it is !) and in the back to the right is the former Book Cadillac hotel (abandoned).

Some fools towing a giant thing that says “pimps and hoes”.

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  • Man, this site is stellar. I grw up in the northern suburbs (grand river & farmington road)- My little brother went to CCS- I’m pretty sure he lived in that big Kirby building for a few years.

    Growing up, I have these vivid memories of my old man taking me to King Books & then driving down West Jefferson taking in the urban decay.

    I had no idea they were going to tear down the Cadillac. That’s a shame.

    Keep up the good work!

  • That first photo is HOT!