not all those who wander are lost

Hearbreaking news hitting the television and radio waves in the last couple days – if any of you were asking ” what will be destroyed next? “, here it is. The Detroit City Counsel is taking aggressive steps to close and disband the Detroit Zoo. Somehow equating attempts by people at the State level to save the Zoo as “racism”, and comparing the relationship to slavery. Absolute insanity.

In the meantime, lets take what might be our last parting glance at a great zoological park.

Getting some snacks at the ant hill..

The mighty Wolverine, the State animal, even though they never lived here.

Gotta love the prarie dogs, who all started barking at me when I stopped to take their photo.

The American Bison. Mistakenly referred to as a “buffalo”. There are actually no native buffalo in North America.

Anybody who has been to the Detroit Zoo will remember the foot prints leading you to various attractions.

A couple silly black bears

This guy looks like a giant teddy bear !

Look at the tail on this animal – crazy !

I can remember these Egyptian motifs from when I was a kid.

Polar bear


the Rackham bear fountain.

Made by Corrado Parducci.

A Marshall Fredericks sculpture outside the reptile house.

Feeding time at the penguin house !

Over to the bird house to check out the birds

Again, only time will tell if the powers that be will get their way. I cant comprehend the loss of this park personally.

14 Responses to Detroit Zoological Park

  • Great reading, keep up the great posts.
    Peace, JiggaDigga

  • I have had great times at that zoo. When I first read about that in my news paper (State News), I couldn’t believe it. My favorite is the butterfly section.

    peace and love

  • This is pain nuts. Get rid of the zoo?? I…I’m at a loss for words.

  • it pisses me off that good hearted people are donating funds via the local news stations and whatnot but that money would have originally been bailing out the detroit city council! they finally are leaning towards giving control to the zoological society, which is what should’ve been done in the first place!!

  • Beautiful shots, dFUNK. They easily convey that feeling of a new spring season at the zoo, with all those huge lots of flowers in bloom.

    I can’t even begin to comprehend the loss of that distinctive, loud whooping and chanting of those otherwise-serene gibbons. Those two sure get my attention and heart every time.

  • I am still having a very hard time comprehending this move. After all that glitz for SuperBowl and a ‘Detroit Revival Campaign’ and a “love Detroit!” credo, is that all we deserve?? Closing down a Zoo?
    Seriously, I now understand why so many people are still retiscent in moving back to the city. Things so crazy and incomprehensible happen… I’m disgusted.

    I guess I’ll be stuck in my suburbs for another while… :-(
    I love you Zoo!

  • Toledo let the zoological society take control of the zoo about two decades ago and the zoo has seen unbelieveable growth during that time. It will be a true sin if the Detroit city government can not see that they need help with this situation. They need only look about forty five miles south to see an excellent example of how to make this arrangement work. They just have to be willing to admit they need help. Sounds a little like an addict doesn’t it.

  • I’ve started a Flickr group for Detroit Zoo photos if anyone is interested in contributing.

  • It’s sad to think that one of my favorite zoos is going away. The polar bear exhibit is simply the best in the nation.

    I sure hope someone manages to get this straightened out or Detroit will lose one of it’s biggest assets.

  • Well, I have tears in my eyes.

    I always loved the giraffe habitat. I had a peacock feather from the zoo… wonder whatever happened to that.

    The Wild Lights Christmas displays are a treasured memory also.

  • Damn. What’s next?

  • great shots

  • Thanks for the pictures. I am having a hard time trying to decide where the problem really is. It is so easy to blame the city council when they say such assinine things-and love to be on television when they say them-but it might have been part of Kwames master plan to be in Africa during all of this to make it look like he is so innocent. There are no innocent parties here, in my opinion.