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  • You are correct Randy. Copies of those pictures, both the planned and actually built are also available on my site at:

  • I believe that is in the Hawkins Ferry book, right John ? I think somebody on DYes posted an interior pic – or maybe it was Buildings of Detroit – but the INTERIOR is what blew my mind completely.

  • Yes they do. Not the crackhead kind, the organized crime kind.

  • I wonder if scrappers go into active buildings like this and start planning how they’ll loot it if it ever shuts.

  • Imagine what the original library designed by Brush and Smith must have looked like in 1877!

  • I’ve worked on a few historical restorations/renovations, including the law library that was profiled by the National Trust, and I find that it isn’t money that is the largest hurdle but the lack of a proper time table to complete the work.

    People often don’t understand that there could be fifty items behind what you see that need attention before any cosmetic repair should begin.

  • Well that IS good news – except the damage to the interior plaster work will take a master artisan and beau-coup $$$ to repair.

  • Sadly, I believe this site contributes to that urban blight image issue. Well, its real – it aint no image, and I call it as I see it.

    However, I will be working to bring more diversity to the site this year. There are some amazing things that are going on that should be added to the site.

    The phrase “ruin porn” is one that I find particularly cynical. I see that phrase as a tool for media to grab attention and to titillate readers with the buzzword “porn”.

    In short, use of that phrase amounts to “media porn” in my mind. People see the word porn, and stop to look. It also forces online articles higher in the search engines.

  • dfunk, Thank you for showing us that there is still some beauty in the world. It is a shame that so many see Detroit as an example of urban blight instead of the possibility of urban hope.

  • couldnt agree more Jim. a literal monument to learning – what a lost concept that seems to be now.

  • Yeah, I need to go back to document all the water damage to the gorgeous plaster ceilings at DPL – there are few very serious spots that look completely unattended. The Fisher Building is another one Ive been keeping an eye on, and that one is getting bad in spots too.

  • What a lovely place to learn. All the internet sites and apps could never replace such beauty.

  • So sad – there was very minor damage at last year’s Noel Night. I can’t believe that Detroit can’t even fix the roof on its own library! What a shame…

  • Wow! Why can’t all public libraries be this beautiful? Love those arched ceilings. Very nice!

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