not all those who wander are lost

3 Responses to Globe Trading Company

  • Radmila – yep yep, Telsa was certainly a few CENTURIES ahead of the human race. Still.

    Well, if we overlook that little Tunguska mistake – LMAO

    I am going to credit my Candian pal AIW with much new info Ive been studying about Tesla. Edison went on a campaign to show the country how dangerous Teslas Alternating Current was compared to Edisons inferior Direct Current. To do this, Edison would electrocute living animals to death to scare people away from Teslas power standard.

    Pedro – yep yep, I was in the bumkitchen too.

  • Tesla was a better band, for sure.
    Nobody listens to Edison anymore.

    Hey, is this the building with the crazy upstairs kitchen?

  • Whooo Hooo a non-European who knows the truth about Edison/Tesla.

    I salute you!