not all those who wander are lost

Anybody know the name / purpose of this structure ? Shes going down now.

This is on the corner of West Baltimore Street and Third Street in New Center just south of the Boulevard, just east of John C. Lodge. It sits along the railroad tracks on its south side. In this Mapquest aerial photo, its the circled building and thats the intersection of Baltimore and Third.

Off to its left is the huge Nabisco cracker factory / warehouse, the NBC Building – both short for ‘National Biscuit Company’. (biscuit being the British vernacular for what Americans commonly call a “cracker”)

Here is an historic photo of the building back in its day complete with water tower.

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  • According to some old Sanborn Fire Insurance Company maps, I was able to find that this was part of the Murray W. Sales & Company Plumbing Supplies. More specifically it was mainly the company’s warehouse with a sales room on the first floor.

    The map states that the building was maded of reinforced concrete, stood 7 floors and 81 feet to the roof slab, and was either started or completed in 1922. With the sanborn fire insurance maps, you never know if the date is the start of completion date.

  • Actually, that’s the new HQ for my business, Jmnxc:

    One of the papers reported they received an offer in the multi-million dollar range for that building, which they declined. To me this means that the only reason that it is being demolished is that the person giving that order from the library must be getting a kickback from the demolition company. I would like to see a real journalist investigate this rather than just post my internet speculation about it.

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