now with even more funk !

Let’s take a walk around Delray – where you never have to go far to find a crushed cement lawn burro. Hahaha !

“GUNSBERG’S” building. Looks like a valiant attempt at loftification here.

And then there is this crazy building with the monster clock on the corner.

Just look at this filthy thing – its just a Rococo nightmare ! But it is the most prominent landmark for this desolate little hood.

And here we have the former Peninsular Savings Bank River Street Branch.

Heres a firestation that is completely abandoned. They dont have fires in Delray, I guess.

Hey Nailhed – translation ?

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  • MBT Co. simply stands for Michigan Bell Telephone Company.

    i am not a linesman, but i believe each of these tags represents whatever company has or had facilities on this pole, and certifies by placing the tag that the pole itself was “safe” at the time the tag was posted.

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