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“Decision Pending” a now ironic title for a powerful bronze piece by Detroit area sculptor Jay Holland.

This sculpture is part of a two year rotating public art program in Brighton. The idea is to get some culture into the sterile lilly-white sheltered environs of the town of Brighton. Well, to be fair to 99.99999% of the residents, everybody seems to be receptive to the project.

Ah, but these things tend to flush out the freaks and culturally depraved. . .

From the local Brighton paper, to the local Channel 2/4 and 7 news shows, the same mantra – from ONE person !

Brighton resident Susan Walters-Steinacker, one of those who called the office of state Sen. Valde Garcia, R-Marion Township, said she was driving by the Mill Pond when she first saw the sculpture and was shocked. She later walked up to the sculpture to verify the piece was anatomically correct from both the front and back.

“I am disgusted, I am appalled,” Walters-Steinacker said.

If she visited a museum with sculptures that “have those things,” Walters-Steinacker said she could at least walk away, but Holland’s sculpture is located in a public area where everyone has to see it.

“This is embarrassing to me, as an adult, to have it thrown in my face,” she said.

Walters-Steinacker said she feels uncomfortable and wouldn’t take her grandchildren to the Mill Pond as long as that statue was there. She doesn’t feel parents should be forced to explain these pieces of art that, she said, are being thrown into people’s faces. She questioned how Brighton, which prides itself on being family-oriented, could justify having a naked statue on display in public.

“It needs to go,” she said.

(from Livingston Daily

Now, this article claims that “three” people total have complained, yet EVERY news story and article has only this ONE person. Somebody shocked that a sculpture would actually have one of those “things”. Well heres some news for you lady HALF OF THE WORLDS PEOPLE HAVE THOSE “THINGS”.

What a sexist puritanical ass.

Heres the response from the State Rep that the woman called to complain to:

“My personal opinion is it’s great to have art in the community, but some pieces are best left in the museum,” (Republican State Sen. Valde Garcia) said. “Nude sculptures are considered to be art, but why do we have a sculpture of a naked man in public?”

(from Livingston Daily

Yeah, okay – again – if it were a woman he’d probably have no problem. He talks about art in museums in the same way you would discuss things that belong in a restroom rather than public. Its just mind blowing how perverse and ignorant these people are. And whats worse is that local media picks it up and runs with it for several days, encoraging such childish behavior. “Look, it has a pee-pee!”

9 Responses to Decision Pending

  • I come from Florence to see the statue and I can say it was worth the trip.

  • My mom always said “If God wanted people to walk around naked, they would have been born that way.” Her point being that our bodies are created by God, therefore, what and why should shame us about them? From what I understand, however, the statue does not have a “pee-pee”. If that is true, Ican see why the statue would alarm children.

  • So, I guess the woman statue located at One Woodward would be obscene too?

  • You men and your pee-pees! Always throwing them in our faces! :)

    But seriously, guess none of the grandkids are boys or she wouldn’t have to explain anything!

  • Let her know how you feel.

  • Maybe she had an imaculate conception? LOL I agree, what an ass she is! These same people have a fit over a piece of art because of nudity, or seeing it in a movie — but the same people buy video games that depicit gruesome murders or movies that do the same for their children (but that’s OK in their simple minds) What a screwed up reality.

  • Nice detail shot- Truely, it’s a pee pee only a mother could love. I’m sure it won’t scare the children.

  • Well,she has Grandchildren, so she’s obviously been pretty freindly wth one of those “things” before. People are so pathetic sometimes its funny.

    She just hates the wee-wee…

  • If I am not mistaken, most of Mashall fredricks sculptures are anatomicly correct in one way or another. Wasnt there a huge uproar over the piece in Royal Oak? I seem to remember some people who would not consider themselves to be puritanical were quite upset that the woman featured in the sculpture was smaller than the man. Thus the sculpture was “Sexist”. Sheesh. Let art Be. Whether its sexist, or just anatomically correct.