not all those who wander are lost

There was a death this weekend of an explorer inside an Arte Express building – the former Grand Trunk Warehouse & Cold Storage at 1950 E. Ferry Street, built in 1927.

On Friday the 11th some people were in the building and one of the group went missing. Local papers say that the group came back on Saturday morning and searched until they found their friends body in an elevator shaft. I was out taking photos and was driving by on St. Aubin Street when emergency crews were recovering the body on Saturday. It didn’t look like the usual fire response, so I did not take photographs of the scene.

This building is owned by Fernando Palazuelo and his company “Arte Express“, the same foreign speculator who purchased the Packard Plant, . Police have repeatedly referred to this building as “part of the Packard complex” which is incorrect. It is part of the collection of properties owned by Fernando Palazuelo, which includes Packard. The Packard Plant is 3 kilometers away from the Grand Trunk Warehouse.

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