not all those who wander are lost

Heres a new house in the “DDD” project -[detroit demolition disneyland] a movement to highliight blighted structures in need of demolition by paiting them “Tigeriffic Orange”. This one is in Hamtramck (I think). Along I-75.

Dude wanted to pose for a shot so…

Aside from debating any valididty to the DDD project, I’ll tell ya this – the houses make DAMN good photographs – hahahahaha !

I did an earlier post about this Highland Park collection of DDD houses – in the abandoned subdivision along the Davison. Heres some better shots of these houses.

How insane is it to have a whole abandoned subdivision in a neighborhood ? This area blows my mind.

5 Responses to D.D.D.

  • Uh, pardon me? And the rest of Detroit NOT hit by that freak tornado? It too looks like New Orleans after the flood – damn, New Orleans is the only city with more unemployment than Detroit! Anyway, LOVE DDD! Keep up the great work.

  • these are awesome-
    the orange houses bring to mind rachel whiteread.

  • This was one of the areas that got hit by a weird hurricane/tornado/gale force wind thing that blew through town (no pun intended)nearly a decade ago which damaged a lot of the houses in the hood and time took care of the rest.

  • OMG, dF! This looks like remnants from a nuclear holocost! UNBELIEVABLE! Where’s Charleton Heston in Omega Man, when you need him? LOL

  • Tyree’s going to be pissed they painter over his dot.