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The David Whitney building.

Its namesake lived in the David Whitney house, now known as The Whitney restaurant on Woodward in Midtown. Whitney worked in the early lumber industry, and owned several steamships.

A fine example of D. H. Burnhams work, created in 1915. The Ford and Dime buildings are also Burnham, but the Whitney was finished by the firm after Burnhams death.

Much of the original exterior decorations have been removed or modernized. These details originally were of an Italian Renaissance style.

The interior lobby is the jewel of the building, with white terracotta arches and details.

The skylight for the lightcourt goes up only the first several floors before being capped off.

The unique shape of the Whitneys light court can be seen from above.

This is dETROITfUNKs #1 pick for possible reuse, as this building is still in near pristine condition.

7 Responses to David Whitney

  • Thanks for the tour DF, great shots. Are there any rumors out there regarding projects for the DW?

  • Thats cool. There will be others. I hope nothing happens to this beauty, as it would be a shame to loose some of Burnhams work here in Detroit. I myself am a fan of his (spend a lot of time in Chicago) work, and I did not know about this building. Cool!

  • I remember watching the fireworks from the roof of the David Whitney building quite a while back. I used to love downtown Detroit.

  • Yeah Chris, I speak of THE Burnham.

    And dude, I am trying like HELL to get to one of the Ohm gigs, but my job keeps me out on weekends shooting Prom photos- dammit. Havent heard yet about Saturday, but Ive already begged my boss for the night off, She laughed.

    DAMMIT !

  • Damn, when I was reading the post I figured the building was in use. You surprised me at the end when you said it is empty.

  • Outstanding work again Mr. fUNK. She sure is a beauty. I’m glad they’ve keep this one realtively secured.

  • So, when you say DH Burnham, do you mean the same Daniel Burnham that was the key architect to the White City? That would be cool. Hey, dfunk come to Cadieux cafe this saturday!