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The David Broderick Tower (aka The Eaton Tower)

Designed by Louis and Paul Kamper in 1928.

An odd mix of Chicago Classical with the top floors being Beaux Arts.

Vaulted lobby ceilings and interior by Corrado Parducci.

In 1997 the quirky Wyland whale mural was added to the abandoned Broderick. In 2005 local arts and historical groups fought to save the whale mural from being covered with car ads.

Inside we see the usual abandoned and vandalized interiors.

Apparently a rather ill young man lived in the tower for some time after a bad break up with his girl. Bad and twisted poetry remains from his stay here.

In one of the business offices we see a rather substantial machine that was used for embossing names onto small metal plates for filing purposes.

The “Graphotype” !

One of the ready made loft spaces – actually just a humans-nest.

The views from the tower are splendid, it really should be made into living spaces if at all possible.

Towards the top are four prominent spheres that make up the crown of the building cap. They are now “decorated” with faces.

Comerica Park – home of the Detroit Tigers looms behind this “face”.

Upper cap details

In the penthouse we see a badly damaged bar area.

Heres some arial views from the tower – one of the former silo complexes, and also the foundry buildings that were demolished.

Looking down on the wedge shaped Metropolitan Building

Looking down at the Milner, next to the former Madison Lenox hotel, now demolished.

“Turtles Weekend 2003” high atop the Hotel Statler roof (now demolished)

Grand Circus Park

The second of the “Three Davids”: the David Whitney.

(The David Stott rounds up the trio.)

The roof – lets head back down now – eh ?

Nice office design – LOL

Just one of the many dental offices in the tower – looks like they just picked up and left everything here…

XRAY anybody ?

That concludes a peak inside the David Broderick Tower.

Its mothballed now for rehab, but time will tell.

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