now with even more funk !

blue eyes crying in the rain

I bet I know who eats here ! ;)

100 years of cake frosting flavored sugar water – WOOT

Which way to Fashionable Ferndale now ? Oh, that way.

3 Responses to Damn the torpedoes

  • personally Arctic Sun was my fave.
    that 60/40 stuff is awesome though, and redpop is the all time classic. i dont drink pop very often anymore, but when i do, its faygo, cause i dont feel like paying for a label. you cant drink a label.

  • Not slamming Faygo at all – just saying it like it is.
    In fact, Rock-n-Rye is the specific one that was derived from cake frosting flavoring. Its just funny is all.

  • Hey, don’t go slamming Faygo. While their knock-offs of the big name soft drinks are nothing to write home about, I challenge you to deny the awesomeness that is Rock ‘n Rye. Their Rootbeer, Ginger Ale and Cream Soda aren’t bad, either.

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