not all those who wander are lost

More High Dynamic Range experiments –

Check out some other peoples work with this unusual technology:

John from Milwaukee

Urban Tiki

These two are the underbelly of CCS

These three are from the sanctuary of St. Mark on Woodward.

These are five from Woodlawn Cemetery.

4 Responses to Daedalus Maze

  • Chris, HDR can be done fairly easily in CS2 with the Merge to HDR function. There is also an autoalign function, however, I would still recomment the use of a tripod.

  • Those are neat, they remind me of those old painted postcards.

  • It reminds me of my third time on acid.

  • dFunk, these are great! I never heard of this, now I am itching to try it out. Wonder if I can do it manually with Photoshop8. Chris.