not all those who wander are lost

These are statues from Resurrection Cemetery – detailing the Passion. Pretty strong stuff, rendered in life scale.

This is the first stage, the condemnation of Jesus of Nazareth by Pontius Pilot.

Pilot washes his hands of the matter, and “seals his fate”.

Jesus receives the cross

Jesus falls for the first time under the whip of the Centurion

Veronica wipes the blood and sweat from the face of Jesus

The Cyrenian takes up the cross

Jesus falls for the second time

Jesus collapses

The Roman guards throw dice, gambling to see who wins the garments of Jesus.

Jesus is crucified

The body is prepared for burial

Jesus is placed in the tomb

9 Responses to Crucifixion

  • You are a fantastic photographer!

    Chicago by way of Detroit

  • Yeah I went to CV as well.
    I live on Garfield and Canal. The area has some great historic things with MT Clem and all.

  • Haha you’re spot on Randy. I went with a bunch of friends and when MCS came on i start going “man that’s Detroit, that’s f’n MCS!” And they are going, “yeah ok dude settle down would ya”.

    Anyways it starts with a cool exterior shot and moves inside and there’s also a shot where he’s running up the stairwell.
    There’s also some cool shots of downtown.

  • Andy – I knew about the MCS being used again – Michael Bay also used it in The Island. But Im glad you DIDNT know, because that must have been an awesome moment ! Were you sitting there going “Ive BEEN there ! Ive BEEN there !” with everyone else going “huh?” Hahahaha !

    Brian – Pleeeze tell me where those tow headstones are, I looked last time through but didnt have enough time to locate them.

    No – I dont live in Clinton Township, I just cruise through there all the time for work. I used to live at 19 and Garfield next to Chippewa Valley (where I went to high school for a year). Im just a wanderin fool.

    Did you catch the battle of the bands at the CT Civic Center perchance ? It was pretty cool.

  • Yeah The best is the Titanic headstone, or Dr Robotniks headstone.( I am totally going to leave a sonic plush there someday)

    Your in my neck of the woods, have to wonder if you live in Clinton Township as well.

  • Hey Randy,

    Totally unrelated, but I was watching the transformers movie last night, and about 3/4 way through and, holly crap the MCS! I thought I was seeing things. I had no idea. Too damn cool!

    Anyways I guess old news for you.

    It was the highlight of an otherwise very average movie..

  • Resurrection Cemetery is on Clinton River Road at the corner of Romeo Plank Road. It is the offshoot of Mt Elliot Cemetery in Detroit.

    These sculptures are straight back into the cemetery from the main gates.

    Theres also many really wonderful art deco monuments in this place.

  • That is a little strong for my taste.

  • Where is that? I would love to see it in person.