not all those who wander are lost

Continental plant still sitting dead in the water – toxic as ever.

A bulldozed McDonald’s with only a covered sign left over. How on earth does a McDonald’s go out of business ??

I want you to immediately do exactly what this sign says…..heh.

Lookit this crazy old street paver – retro baby !

Ahhh – a fine idea by the City, cover lightpost bases with plastic boots to keep scrappers from devouring the wiring. You can see how that is working out.

Lets finish with a single lonely weave strand. Hahah !

9 Responses to Craziness

  • The Mickey D’s did not really go out of business… it was struck by lightning about 3 years ago and burned. Not completely flattened but pretty bad, so they bulldozed it. I happened to be there the day it happened talking to the owner. He said he would rebuild but looks like that never happened. Why do I remember so vivdly? I thought it was ironic that a guy that owned this (and many other) restaurants is named “Mr. Service”. SERIOUSLY!

  • Oh man…
    that last pic.
    my whole junior/senior year was spent on that lawn. hangin with the friends and managing the absence slips.
    thanks for that pic.

  • They had a fire in that McD’s. The funny part is the sign that promises a new McD’s coming soon. Its been like that for a few years now.

  • Those dragon hook deals are on the Music Hall, if you face the front of the building, they are on the left side elevation.

  • Add my question to the bunch, what building does that cool dragon/hook belong to?

  • Continental is on Gray Street off of Jefferson on the deep east side.

  • hey where is the continental plant located, ive been wanting to visit

  • The street paver is from Mt. Clemens

  • Where on earth did you find that street paver. That thing is very cool looking.