not all those who wander are lost

Today we are up in Cranbrook checking out what is essentially the heaven of the Arts and Crafts movement here in Michigan.

The views on the grounds are really wonderful

Garden stairs

Tons of great art on the grounds of the house, pillaged from near and far

Sphinxs guard the main walkway

Over by what is now the Art museum, we have more art and some kickass fountains

6 Responses to Cran-Apple Academy

  • Cranbrook is not next to a traffic hell. It is just a Woodward avenue. I guess you were in a bad rush hour.

  • Great Pictures, Cranbrook is a Detroit Treasure! I would have jumped into those fountains on a day like today.

  • I spent many years working at Cranbrook in the Horizons Upward Bound Program. The campus is very beautiful. I fondly remember night time swims in Lake Jonah – the manmade lake that looks like a whale. My best friend graduated from Kingswood (girls upper school) and has a brick on the school with her name on it. She goes back every year to touch it for good luck. Great place.


  • Yes – Cranbrook has a graduate school for fine art, and also a high school academy. Museum, science center, Cranbrook House, and I think one other mansion on the grounds.

    It is all built in powerfully stunning Arts and Crafts style architecture and design. This is the mothership for the tiny Arts and Crafts school in Detroit (now demolished) which became CCS.

    These days the legacy of the Arts and Crafts movement is completely removed from the current Cranbrook and CCS communities. Youd never know these institutions had ever had anything to do with A&C.

  • Cranbrook is beautiful. I like how right outside is suburban detroit traffic hell but it’s so nicely/creepily contained.

  • What a cool looking place. I guess it’s an art school?

    It must be great studying there.