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Located at Sorrento and Buena Vista Avenues.









4 Responses to Covenant Lutheran Church 1939

  • That is fantastic news, I will have to visit to see the renovations !

  • Yes, the demise of any church is sad.
    My mother was involved in a ladies’Companionship Club” at Covenant Lutheran Church in the 1950’s.
    Though I belonged to, and was a member of another church in Detroit, I spent many wonderful and memorable hours enjoying and being involved in the activities at Covenant Lutheran church.
    I recently had heard the building was (or would soon be) demolished.
    Much to my delight, most recently, in October 2019, another friend and I, whose mom was also in ‘C Club’, drove by and stopped at the church — to find the church is in the process of being restored !! We met the Pastor who was personally doing work in the building. And,…..even more heart-warming, is the fact that services are currently being held despite broken walls and windows and much vandalism over the years.
    The church is trying to rebuild through donations.
    My prayers are not only for restoration of the Covenant Church building, but a restoration and revival of faith in the nearby community.

  • My great grandparents were charter members of Covenant. They loved this church. Sorry the folks that bought it moved on

  • Sad sad,sad! I attended this church from 1935 to 1961. It was so beautiful.

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