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These shots are from the Corinthian Lodge Room in the Detroit Masonic Temple.

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  • Actually I didnt want to lug my whole setup around, so these are all just hand held snapshots with the little tiny onboard flash jacked all the way up.

    When I go back I’ll be carrying tripods and flashes etc. for sure. Ill bring Sherpas if I have to.

  • Dfunk, Very nice and much appreciated photos. How many extra electronic flash units did you have to use to light these huge dark rooms?

  • Awesome…our lodge, ‘grove 824’, cannot even compare. This is the ‘Blue Room ‘, and it is where masonry begins for its practitioners. That other room you did a couple days ago are for those who are at a higher level. The bluelodge contains “Master Masons”, which are actually the beginners…you could spend a lifetime learning the so-called ‘craft’. I don’t have the time or desire, nor the brains..there is a TON of learning/memorization involved to be scottish rite!
    Thanks for showing this, I can’t imagine how they built it, it’s worth a fortune.
    PS: The “G” does not stand for God, it stands for Geometry

  • Oh – and that woodwork wall is all removed whole from the original Temple which was closer to the river downtown.

  • Yeah, tons of rooms and they are all connected with back passage ways.

    Corrado Parducci worked on both buildings, and there are definitely similarities.

  • The detail on those ceilings and woodwork is beautiful! Makes me think of the Fisher bldg. a little bit. Is it true there are over 1000 rooms in this place? Unbelievable.

  • Thank you for posting your pics of the beautiful Masonic Temple. I am a Mason and my Lodge meets in that building. We were very fortunate 2 years ago to be able to save the building from closing down and becomming abandoned. The more public awareness of this beautiful facility the better chance it has of surviving.

    Many people do not know that the Detroit Masonic Temple, with over 1000 rooms, is the largest Masonic building in the world.

    I’ve been going down there for years and still I have only seen probably a third of the building.

    Keep up the good work Dfunk!

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