not all those who wander are lost

Okay, any of you folks out there into contrails or chemtrails ?

Well what do you think THIS is all about ? Hahahahha !

It is the complete absence of a trail to the point of sucking in the cloud around it….. or at least it just looks like that.

Gannon – you reading ? Any ideas ?

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  • Ahhh – MikeM, the Voice of Reason.

    Even the sober, rational explanation is pretty cool.

  • At times, an airplane flying just above or climbing/descending through a cloud layer will cause the moisture in the cloud to evaporate. The warm air of the exhaust can “dry” the cloud to the point of evaporating the moisture, or the wake of the aircraft can pull drier air down into the cloud layer, evaporating the moisture present. The wake vortices from the wing tips usually sink up to a thousand feet below the aircraft before dissipating.

    I also see this effect when descending to land through a cloud layer at a busy airport; aircraft ahead of us on the same path have created a “hole” in the cloud, or if it’s a thick cloud layer, they create a “dent” in the top of the layer.

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