now with even more funk !

Yet another abandoned police station.

[ nailhed adds: that’s the 6th Precinct. did you notice the shotgun holster under the front desk? lol, seems to be a standard feature of all DPD station houses ]

Adorned with the seal of Detroit – in itself a bitter irony.

Inside we see the usual slabs of peeling lead paint sloughing off the walls and ceilings. The result of moisture soaking through plaster.

Apparently this abandoned police station was the last refuge of this frozen ghetto dog. This poor guy was hard as a rock and frozen to the ground. If the cold doesnt get them, it is thirst that kills in a few short days. In these sub freezing temperatures there is no standing water for feral animals to drink from. This is important for outdoor domestics as well.

It has been one cold bitch of a winter around these parts.

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