not all those who wander are lost

Heres some nice shots of Comerica Park – home of the Detroit Tigers. (or is it Comerica Tigers ?)

I really hate the brand naming of parks or stadiums, but it certainly isnt a new thing. Briggs Stadium predated Tiger Stadium and that was a local industry brand as well. Still sucks.

[DF: Actually… Briggs Stadium was so named because the owner was Walter Briggs (same Briggs at the end of the day) but it was actually about ego, not corporations….info from -AIW]

Nice shot of the feild about an hour before a game. This is where the 2005 AllStar game will be held.

Over at the City owned Metropolitan Building we see some activity. Busily covering their shame, the city is slapping up new plywood and painting it black or whatever color. That’ll fool the out of town guests….not.

Over at the Statler we see the progress as the Demolition mice nibble away at the Grand Old Lady. It looks like maybe the upper details are being salvaged – I sure hope so.

The abandoned 38 story Broderick sits dead in the water – with that damn whale painting hanging in the balance. What will be worse – Wylands horrible ass whale painting, or a big fat car advertisement ? How about – both suck.

Over on the College for Creative Studies campus, we see East Kirby street and the circular drive are gone completely !

Word in blogland is that they are creating a large sculpture garden campus area. Cool, I suppose.

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