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Last night I decided to bolt out to the Brewster Projects and run up to the top of one of the towers. As to why – well, you can get what is known as “cabin fever” during the winter in this region from being locked indoors during cold weather, so what could be better than climbing an abandoned high rise to shake it off ? Nothing.

Let’s go…..

Brewster is a cozy set of low income housing high rises right along I-75 on the edge of Downtown. These towers are what is left after some were demolished. Most famous for being the childhood home of Diana Ross.

I chose the southern most tower.

Starting the 14 story slog up to the top – nerve wracking wind through the building making cracking creaking noises on every floor.

Thy S and thy C, they comfort me…

The buildings themselves are devoid of anything interesting, so it’s all about the views.

‘surval’ crackas – lol

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11 Responses to Climbing Brewster

  • Photo #12 The skeleton of Cass Tech framing the ruin of MCS makes one wonder if there is any hope left for this city how could they piss away such beauty? only in the Democratic Disneyland that is Detroit

  • All the remaining standing towers looks the same, stripped etc. As are the short stacks, and the row house style units in the neighboring developements. Looks like a neutron bomb test city.

    The PJs – lol

  • Are all the towers abandoned? They don’t look too old either.

  • Damn, the train station in the distance looks like a WW2 scene. Can’t believe ALL the windows are gone, scary.

  • Great views. And the buildings seem sound enough. You mean to tell me that clever marketing can’t sell those views to someone? Does Detroit have yuppies?

  • Yep yep – thats Michigan Central Station framed by the recently abandoned and ruined Cass Tech.

  • great photos, am I seeing the train station in one?

  • Some of the best views up there – too bad they couldnt have loftified them somehow.

    I watched the sunset then climbed on down and went home for dinner.

  • Good stuff, I had a wicked case of cabin fever last night after work and did the same thing. On the Brewsters roof having a few beers with my self @ midnight did the trick. lol @ the SC’s.

  • Thanks !



  • those are some amazing views.

    do you go alone to these abandoned places?

    scared of finding trouble?

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