not all those who wander are lost

Detroits “ChinaTown” consists of a dirty closed looking restaurant and a strange pet store.

Chinatown mural depicting…dude, I dont know. All manner of liberal protesty signs and banners being waved by various ethinic and gender groups.

Heads of local somebodys (?) blossom in the trees…In the background is the pet store murals and store fronts.

This is from another mural along the Cass Corridor..


Blairs Hair Haven

If I was this dude, Id worry less about my hair, and more about my bad skin condition – and also that third eye he is growing.

Gorgeous architecture for the pigeons to blow thier waste across.

8 Pounds Bags

The messed up part is that this image is EXACTLY what the sandwhich really looks like…With those stink lines and everything.



Birth and Death.

3 Responses to China Town

  • I got a kick out of the China Town pictures. In that atrocious documentary aired a few weeks ago in Ann Arbor they interviewed some guy in a parking lot in Chinatown, abandoned building in the background, it was a nice touch.

  • I haven’t gone back to that restaurant since I found a finger in the won-ton. They said “you ate it, you pay for it”.

    It sent my boxers into a full blown rebellion.

  • Ha ha ha… great stuff… Did you notice the backwards “n” (fences) in the one sign for the everything man? I see as an afterthought (or newly accquired skill?) that he does plastering too… Should you call ahead or just drop in?