not all those who wander are lost

Well, thats what it says..Im laughing, but thats what it says !

Sloppy Whore Elvis and the Mad Scrilla

Absolutely the shortest damn Ghetto Dog on public record…

Being chased by an average Ghetto Mutt.

Nat Marcallis BEDROOMS

Dining Room Dinettes….Right on.

Okay, the “100% Human Hair” scares me – but the alternative scares me more. If not human, than whaaaa ?

Herbeys Bar

And then this classic:


The rest is washed out, but with that intro how could they go wrong ?

4 Responses to Children Play Here Slow

  • Hey Bobby – you know, Im not too sure. Right near some railroad tracks, maybe Highlandpark. Some days I come home with photos, and I honestly dont know where I was. I know this particular place seemed out of range for the LeatherJackets, so I was suprised to see it. But it was near railroads, so maybe they were out painting trains.

  • what main street is that sloppy whore elvis by?

    I’ve seen it before i just cant remember…

  • Hahaha ! Hilarious – a “chopped” GhettoDog !

    Well that explains it at least…

  • That short ghetto dog was actually on “Pimp my Ghetto Dog.” He’s the lowrider version.