not all those who wander are lost

CCS is having a faculty show at the Center Galleries. This part is from January 1st until February 4th. This part is faculty A-J.

“MAP (here to there)” By Joe Bernard.

Joe Bernard is a powerful visual artist who has worked in film, photography and a wide array of two dimentional approaches. As Joe himself used to describe great works, his pieces are “juicy”.

Todd Erickson “Fallen Comrades”.

Todd is such a wonderful guy, and a great teacher. Im pretty sure his daughter is a regular dFUNK reader too – so if you are out there junior, let me just tell you that your dad is a very special guy. Also a very important local artist.

I think this pieces title says it all. I lost so many incredible teachers and many great friends since leaving CCS. Russell, Matthew, Richard, Joesph, Jim, Dorothy – just to name a few. I can not imagine the toll it has taken on a person at the epicenter of all that loss. I’ll just say to Todd, I feel your pain loud and clear.

A great guy I met at an ironic event just recently, the demolition of the original Arts and Crafts school on Watson Street.

Dave Chow – “Hispanic Alphabet Poster”

Damn Dave, your shit rocks dude ! This poster is tight as all get out.

Jay Holland – “Lines of Circumstance”

Another great professor who I was fortunate enough to have been instructed by. I cant say I could ever grasp the skills he tried to impart, but I remember every single word from every lecture he gave in his class. He is also one of the few artists that I have gone out of my way to purchase art from. ( not because I dont love art, but because im broke – lol ) His clay relief “The Comedian and the Ape” is hanging in my livingroom right now.

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