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Local BUT Supply


“Its a matter of life and breath”

Se Habla

Funny cause theres this guy named money. heh.

More new West Side loft developments…..

……You have to use your imagination..

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  • Of course whocares I realize that. Even so though, it’s such a grand beauty on such a small scale. Certainly it’s use couldn’t have gone beyond storefront/shop on the first floor with a possible living space on the second floor. Storefronts today look like a big box, which according to the “architecturally elite” is a good thing.

  • i’m sure, skinnypeterm, you realize that that building almost certainly wasn’t designed for the BeaUTy supply, but that many old buildings in a city like detroit are used and reused for things far different from their original purpose…

  • Hi there BDR –

    While you are certainly free to commission any type of artwork you like from me, that particular image doesnt exist anymore.

    Problem being that it was a photo collage – it was assembled with photographs, magazine and book images, and then hand painted to blend everything seamlessly. (sort of analog photoshop) Well, I was in art school at the time and all my instructers kept telling me what I was doing was not a copyright issue – per famous works by Jasper Johns, Rosenquist or Rauschenberg. They failed to mention that even Rauschenberg was sued for copyright infringement.

    I was contacted one day at school personally from New York photographer Joyce Tennison. She had been contacted by somebody regarding my use of pieces of her photography. Well, the result was the piece was immediately removed from where it was hanging in a show at Center Gallery (then in Park Shelton) and destroyed. It was not my intention to steal intellectual property, so I abandoned that collage technique. (switched to my own photography)

    So ‘Angels and Asylums’ has gone the way of the Northville Tunnels. Demolition.

    If you are interested in commissions, certainly feel free to contact me. And thanks for your interest.

  • Hey there,
    I stumbled upon some of your art work at the Northville Tunells web page (the picture with the angels), it really brought me back. Any chance that I can purchase it, or a copy?
    thanks, BDR

  • I always think it’s interesting Mr. dFunk how much detail seems to have gone into the design of a simple store like the local But supply. These days this store could easily be put into one of those architectural boxes or cubes, and would be just as effective. Comming from a school of architecture that promotes such “simplicity,” I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more detail on our ma&pa stores these days and a little less of them being a box or in a strip mall.

  • money orders…hee hee. now my mind is thinking about what kind of order i could place with money. Do you think money would cross the river and get the CASINO replacing those tacky big letters. It would 1) be very appropriate, and 2) beautify Detroit.