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[This post is dedicated to the late Mr. and Mrs. Rosemeck.]

I want to introduce a new friend of mine, the magnificent Cathedral of St. Anthony. The building was dedicated in 1901, and the cornerstone was laid by Bishop Foley himself. Designed by Donaldson and Meier, who have a few other beauties that bear their insignia, and I will get into the deep history a bit later – but this firm also designed the David Stott Building.

Let’s do the mug shots, and then take a look inside. (this will be the first of a series of posts on St. Anthony)

Special thanks to my new friend Mt. Rev. Archbishop Dr. Karl Rodig for inviting me to visit the church and to take all time I wanted exploring and photographing the building. This congregation is Ecumenical Catholic, and they invite ALL denominations and faiths and persuasions to come visit or worship with them.

Here is the International website:

Cathedral of St. Anthony should have it’s own website in a few weeks, which will include updated information, links, photos and more.

Services are at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. Park in the back fenced area, come in the side door.

Here is her pedigree, which speaks for itself. I will be researching all the actual artists that did the interiors later, but this is a good historical overview.

Here is the cornerstone laid by Bishop Foley. Many people know him as the namesake for a prominent local Catholic high school.

Some beautiful sandstone details, but enough teasing – let us head inside.

Here is your straight and square overview. Shes looking pretty hot for being 110 years old, eh ?

We are starting at the Romanesque marble alter, and working back to the rear balcony.

I am wrapping up the first post on Cathedral of St. Anthony by introducing another new and very special friend, Opus 8055. This wonderful instrument was made part of the Cathedral in 1950, and its name is also it’s literal serial number sequence. Meaning: this was organ number 8,055 made and installed by M.P. Möller. Their post WWII instruments are fine art instruments of world class quality and many are priceless. (Westpoint Academy has one of the best) Opus 8055 is a two level model with full pedal board. I heard it briefly, and she did NOT disappoint !! Mrs. dFunk and I have the honor of helping to restore this masterpiece to usability, so that it may be used during services. It is in full working order as far as we can tell, just suffering some damage to the bakelite knobs which is typical for objects from this pre-plastic polymer time period. Once I replace those with recast duplicates, she will be singing her glories again. Little bit of elbow grease and some Murphy’s oil soap, and this will be one happy Opus !

A word to the wise, and to the not so wise. (And I mean this most respectfully, as this a place that welcomes people and is here to help the community and be a part of the community.) The church has already been victimized once, and lost a sizable amount of copper. This will not be happening again. These are good church people, but they are not naive. Anyone unfortunate enough to venture onto the property with ill intent now will meet St. Anthony’s resident Great Danes, who are not shy at all ! Members live in the Rectory, and the building is being monitored 24/7 – a process which will be greatly enhanced after a bit more work.

To the graffiti artists who painted the school building. Enough. You know that I know who you all are, so I am respectfully asking that you leave this one alone. Peace.

They are new congregation looking to help this troubled neighborhood, and to become part of the solutions needed to save the City of Detroit. Back me up on this one folks. The church is near the Faygo Factory, a block from East Grand Boulevard, and a few blocks from the Packard Plant.

“Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus”

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  • Yes Joanne, quite bittersweet, but we are working hard to bring that neighborhood some dignity. What hurts is the condition of that school – Bishop Karl showed me some photos of the interiors before it was destroyed, and it was a beautiful building. We are both pretty sure that the alumni of the school would be beyond shocked if I were to publish the current condition of the interiors. At this point this building is much to far gone for reasonable restoration.

  • Thank you!! I grew up on East Grand Blvd. and attended St. Tony’s from 1st through 12th. Graduated in ’64. All the major events of my life involved St. Anthony’s. I loved seeing the pictures, although bittersweet. Again, thank you for the memories of a wonderful life. Joanne

  • Looks like the Google Maps Streetview van went by on a really nice day and had its lenses clean when it did. Go to Google Maps and enter “Sheridan & Farnsworth Detroit”, click on Search Maps, then on the little man in the picture and have a look around. (Java seems to be working on my Mac today!)

  • I attended St. Anthony High School 1958-1962 and was brought to tears to see the beautiful job you’ve done. If only you could photograph the inside of the school, cafeteria, gym, 2nd floor classrooms we alumni would be forever greatful. I am forwarding this sight to my classmates and next year when I come home for a visit (I live in Florida), my girlfriends & I will be attending an 11:00 service! THANK YOU!! from a lifelong Teuton!

  • Hi Gary and Linda and Jim et al- so happy that you have rediscovered St Anthony on my site ! I will be working with the folks there so you will certainly see more about the church here on my website. I am building them a website, which will have information and historical data too. Currently I am refurbishing the organ so it can be used in services.

    Thanks for reading my site.

  • I don’t believe it!!! She still lives!!! I made my first communion, confirmation and eighth grade graduation from St. Tony’s (Anthony). My older brother , Terry, was an alter boy and in the choir with choir director, Dominic Klein (sp?),who played that beautiful organ and had a stunning voice. Our family belonged to this parish from 1952 thru 1970 until I graduated from the first class of East Catholic( a.k.a St.Anthony – 3 school consolidation in 1969-1970). I last visited the high school in Aug. 1984. It’s a shame the grade school and convent are gone. Truly hope the high school and gym can be saved and turned into something of good use. I will be coming back to this site. It says to me “welcome home”.

  • I was an alter boy in the early 60’s. A fellow alter boy use to drink the wine during clean up after mass. I was always shocked – never even took a sip.

  • went there 6 days a week, grades 1 thru 8. Don’t remember how often (other than Sunday) that we had to go in grade 9 thru 12. I wish churches today were built like this. New ones are pretty boring.

  • Interesting enough , having just visited Notre Dame in Paris your church resembles this Catherdal that is more than 1000 yrs old. There you are, how lucky to have such a wonderful place to worship in in resemblance of a real classic Catholic Catherdral!

  • St. Anthonys was my parish I graduated from the high school 50 years ago last year. In 1962 I was married a St. Anthonys. It was a great neighborhood. I am forwarding this site to my classmates. Thank you for buying and taking care of the church. I hope you can expand to the school and gym. God Bless

  • What a wonderful building and glorius endeavor to build a new congregation there. I would encourage Dr. Karl Rodig and the church to have a Facebook Page for this church. It could be a great help in building awareness of this project. I am aware of other churches using FB for this purpose. Congratulations on everything…’s very impressive and a great contribution to the City of Detroit.

  • cool dfunk, where i am at, im milwaukee we have many buildings with a cream colored brick, from the clay found near by, cities it seems have their own color brick, from clay deposits found in the area.

  • Dear Friends out there!
    Thank you all for your kind responses.
    I would like to thank Randy who put this site together!!! He is one of the most caring people!! His dedication to our good old Detroit is just amazing.
    I do wish that many of you will make it one of those days to come and see our Church.

    5247 Sheridan Street, Detroit, MI 48214
    Sunday Service 11:00 AM.

    We welcome all of God’s children, and we mean it!!

    If you have a moment go and see our worldwide website

    Our mission statement and ECCC statement.
    We want to reach out and welcome also our brothers and sisters in the LBGT!!

    Our Cathedral is a house of worship for all people who seek a loving Church-community, a spiritual home, a place of acceptance and healing.

    Mission Statement:

    The Cathedral Community of Saint Anthony,
    centered in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, anchored in the Holy Bible, and nourished by the Sacraments, proclaims, witnesses and shares the Good News of Jesus Christ.
    As the Mother Church of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, our liturgical services and community efforts shall advance the peaceful and continued building of the Kingdom of God.
    In our ecumenical relationships with other denominations, we celebrate Unity to the Glory of our loving God.

    ECCC Statement:

    Dignity and respect towards minorities
    With the vast majority of Christians and bothers and sisters of other religions we affirm:
    Because God is the creator of life, we respect the Sanctity of life and the Dignity for every human being born in to this world.
    We manifest the moral right for every person to pursue a fulfilled and just life in society.
    We reject all inflammatory stereotypes, hate propaganda, and the incitement of violence toward minorities, caused by ignorance, false fears, and extremism.
    We call for their legal protection and the need for a more informed conscience.


    Afirmamos la Dignidad y el Respeto junto a la vasta mayoria de los Cristianos y los hermanos y hermanas de otras religiones:

    Debido a que Dios es el creador de la vida, respetamos la Santidad de la vida y la Dignidad inherente a todo ser humano que venga a este mundo.

    Manifestamos el derecho moral de cada persona a una vida justa en la sociedad. Rechazamos todo tipo de estereotipos, odio racial y el proselitismo hacia la discriminacion excitacion a la violencia en contra de las minorias, los falsos temores y el extremismo causados por la ignorancia.

    Hacemos un llamado hacia la proteccion legal y la necesidad de una conciencia colectiva mejor informada.

    Blessings to you all
    +Dr. Karl Rodig

  • Robert – that particular tower arrangement is called “Lombard arcading” .

    ozric – the bricks are mold pressed, usually done with a hand operated machine on site during construction. Like Wayne County Training School was built.

  • Good question Ozric, I will scope out who the brick manufacturer was for St Anth. I would guess one of a few standards, like Belden etc. but it is an important method of dating and classification, so I’ll check that out. I have only just begun to explore this place, and I will digging deeply into its archives as I go. Fascinating building in a historically important hood. They routinely go out and give bread and food to neighbors, these guys are the real thing – and they want very much to be an integral part of the neighborhood and community.

  • Yeah Nail, the St Anthony School is still owned by the Archdiocese, and they will not sell it to Bishop Karl, and will not protect it. I may end up securing it myself.

    Wife and I just need to replace the knobs and buttons on the organ, otherwise it passed its physical and sounds GREAT ! So its just a little casting job that will not be too difficult once we pull some molds.

    When its not so cold, I am going up in those towers – THAT will be interesting !!!!! The clockworks and original bells are up there still.

  • what is the brick type i see in so many of the buildings, mostly from the turn of the century and earlier, the red color brick, and thanx for the great photos.

  • Very nice. Love those copper topped towers! They don’t build them like that anymore.

  • Spectacular photos-Thank you!

  • Among your best posts!

  • The beauty of holiness! God speed in your efforts to help preserve her!

  • Beautiful building…should be the heart of a new community in that area.

  • Beautiful structure… one of the gems remaining in the city and deserving much appreciation. Thanks dfunk!

  • Amen and amen – That’s one beautiful cathedral! Wish you the best with everything you’re doing for it, and eagerly look forward to seeing more pics!

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