not all those who wander are lost

Cant taste ? These things are creepy. Whats with the mouth cancer everywhere all the sudden ?

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  • Right on ! thanks.

    Hey – you and Mrs.jim can have your pick of one of the matted images from my show out of whats left btw. I have them all on my dining room table. Cant remember which one you liked.

  • Yep. I’ll swing by around 6-6:30.

  • What would the billboards say for rectal cancer ?


    Cant poop !


    Cant fart !


    NO buttsex !

    Jeeeeez Jim, you really got me going to bad places now.

    Youre neighbor jim – right >? Maybe you could come over tomorrow after work and look at Mrs DFunks truck. Bad accident and Im working on it in the garage, Im stuck and maybe you could illuminate my ignorance. Nothing complex, Im just a dumbass.

  • Who is doing the checking?

    I guess it is better than running billboards for rectal cancer. I don’t think that would be so painless and free.

  • I mean, thats gotta be whats up – but it so blatantly is in poor areas, and depicts primarily african americans…It looks wrong, but if thats the demographic I guess its what they need to do. Maybe they should say “dont smoke”.

  • Do a high percentage of people smoke or use tobacco in Detroit? This might be a PSA for stifling the trend.