not all those who wander are lost

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  • How about where there are just the new corner intersection sidewalk “squares” with eased curbs and anti-slip patches w/NO CONNECTED SIDEWALKS, or houses, driveways to nowhere, etc. If it was done w/city labor, in hopes of future redevelopment, I guess you’ve got to keep people busy and something of value got done, but if it was OUTSOURCED, WHOA.

    Great shots, tho. Some very poignant and well composed…love the nice weather and colors, too.

  • That last pic reminds me of the sidewalks in the Packard area. Nice ramped curbs with anti slip patches. All the while a steaming hulk of a building rises right next to them. Wise investment of tax payer dollars!

  • Really, really lovely photos. I love what you’ve captured here. Especially the woman with four children and counting.

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