not all those who wander are lost

North Farmington High School is running its production of CATS right now, so we went and took a look. Two more performances on the 30th and 31st at 7:30 pm

As always, North puts on a first rate show.

And of course, it helps if you love cats !

3 Responses to C A T S

  • Mr Funk,
    Cats was my daughter’s last performance at NFHS. You are correct in the fact that it is an amazing group of talented kids with awesome directors. I will be a great loss for her but we shall continue to support the program.

  • Actually Ive seen CATS on Broadway back during its original run – and yeah, I hated the hell out that play.

    Nothing different about how I feel about the storyline this time – I go to see this theater group because they are consistently amazing, regardless of being a high school level group. These kids danced and sang their asses off with a fervor that is often lost at the “professional” level. Their treatment of this play surpassed the material.

    Support your local theater !

  • You actually sat through Cats? Mr. Funk you need help!