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Burt Elementary School, originally part of Redford Union schools, formerly part of Detroit Public Schools, closed in 2012.

Located at 20710 Pilgrim Street on Detroit’s north west side.

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  • I went there 09 1970 — 06/ 1974 I was also there when the teachers boyfriend shot her to death ,several days later a student was murdered ,there are a few nice memerores, I’ll always remember ms goodno principal, anyone remember ms jayger, library teacher her and ms holiday asst principal, who was the worst evil of the 2 of them I still speak with judy Berlin, teacher every so often Mike

  • Thats such a horrible story and quite the childhood trauma to carry all these years, so sorry to hear that.

  • Started there in 1971. Horrible day sitting in the library when everyone was screaming and crying. That was the day our teacher was shot to death in front of all those kids. I remember so clear

  • went there for five years, Mr Baptise was my last teacher. Who has all those class pictures?

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