not all those who wander are lost

The former Burroughs Middle School, built 1924. Converted to Crockett High School. Crockett actually got a $3.5 million bond investment prior to it’s final 2012 closure under Emergency Management by Governor Rick Snyder. Now it is abandoned and blown out.

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  • Hello I’m intrest in this property to turn it into a family shelter pleas call me at 313-802-9542 when can I see it

  • So Depending 🥵..Never will be the same

  • I hear you loud and clear Howard, I was stunned by how many closed schools there are in the city. So many elementary schools, it’s as if they never anticipate educating little ones again. I will be posting Kettering High soon, it doent look in bad shape but it is boarded up.

  • Seeing the shape this school is in now really hurts! This use to be the location Kettering high schools baseball team played its home games back in the early 70s! So many Detroit Public Schools have closed on the east side of detroit, and to go back into neighborhoods that once flourished and to see the shape theyre in now, plus the abandoned homes and the school buildings it terrible shape Really Hurts!😢

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