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Wow – where else would you need a damn sign telling you not to celebrate New Years Eve by discharging firearms into the air with no regard to where the ammunition lands ? ? ?
Same place that you need signs saying “dont burn the city down” before Halloween !

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  • Heyo Nondetroiter –
    Thats cool man, you can say whatever you want – no need to be a local.
    We have that same issue on 4th of July – days and days of gun shots and explosions leading up to it.
    On NewYearsEve a city council woman in my city had a bullet hit her car, she found the slug in the trunk !
    Glad you like the site..

  • Great images–here as well as in the other posts and archives. Not being a Detroiter I usually just look and don’t comment. But for once I feel I should add something–re New Year’s Eve and firearms.
    Here in Southern California, we not only get billboards but local TV news announcements about the same issue–and not just at New Year’s but before Cinco de Mayo, July 4 and Halloween.

  • Happy Birthday Indeed!

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