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photographs from camera of old buildings.

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  • Actually, the Ransom Gillis house WAS open – but you had to enter through the basement because the front porch was gone. The only things I remember was the remains of the boiler in the basement (like a locomotive boiler, it had horizontal tubes), the house had no roof, just the rafters and roof boards, and that the interior of the turret was very small and plain.

  • Hi Greg,

    You might be curious to see what the interior of that house looks like now. Your description of the staircases tipped me off.

    Do you still see any remnants of the building from your memory in these shots? I’d be curious to know what happened to the building. Fire?

  • Greg,

    Interesting remembrances I assume that the Ransom Gillis house was probably not open for viewing at this time as it was already gutted and structurally unsound from my research. I have written a book on the history of this house with some contributions from Randy. Check out for some pictures and more details.


  • Would have loved to have been in Brush Park in its day…

  • Back in the early 80’s the City of Detroit opened up these houses for public viewing with the hope of selling them. Most of the houses had long ago been stripped of their woodwork, plaster, electrical, plumbing and heating equipment. The house on the far right still had some of its original woodwork, including a set of sliding doors between the front parlor and dining rooms. I don’t remember anything about the second house from the right. The second house from the left was originally a one-family home but had been divided up into apartments – I went up a narrow stairway on the right side and came down one on the left side – it was the original central stairway cut in half by running a wall down the middle of it. I don’t remember anything about the house on the far left. They had all of the houses open except for one that was still privately owned and occupied. I wish I had taken pictures.

  • Randy,

    I have an editor at the Metro Times looking at my book, hopefully they will do an article on it. He was a little put off by typos in the book, I guess I missed a number even though I re-edited the final version 7 times prior to issuing it for sale. That’s what I get I guess for not having it professionally edited. Maybe I will in the next edition as the Print-on-Demand method it is published via Amazon makes updates relatively easy and quick.


  • Just drove through there last week, still takes my breath away…
    DFunk, have you seen the Johnny Knoxville and Lemonade: Detroit trailers? Just wondering what you think if you got a chance to see them! Get well soon!!!

  • lol – john, wait til you see the small painting Im working on of RG. Stalled a bit because (looks like) I tore a ligament in my right hand…But Ill get it finished. It is the “before” view you asked about. Im using ruins photos for the colors of the brickwork etc. but using the original b&w for the overall house. Looks good to see her in color! Ill send pics when its wrapped up.

  • Randy,

    As my old college buddy once said…
    “looks like a scene out of Blade Runner”


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