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I first posted this mofo of a water leak on January 3rd, 2012. Well….it is still healthy and gushing away.

Now, I have to think this is understandable…the Packard is a giant sprawling complex of tunnels, and multi-floor buildings – so it would take some sort of “spelunker” or perhaps a daring exploration expert from Palladium Boots with a four battery Mag light to get access to such a water pipe………….

What ? You mean it’s right THERE ? Right next to Grand Boulevard ? You mean you can hear the water gushing and smell the chlorine bleach from the sidewalk ???

Well, I’ll be darned…

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  • Hi Penelope –

    Here is Jane Cooper, a pretty sad ending that one had:

    Yes I have shot Osborne too, but dont have a post up for it. I know where that school and hood is, next time by Ill cover Osborne. They have talking about demolishing the old east side schools for a number of years and I dont know if it will happen or not. Osborne is in good condition, but the Osborne neighborhood, not so much.

  • I went to Cooper Elementary School on Georgia Street off of Mt. Elliott and I was wondering do you have any pictures of that school or any of Osborn High School and is it true that they are tearing Osborn down this year?? It is on
    East 7 Mile Road and Hoover on the East side as well. Just wondering!! Thanks so much and I love this site. I have checked out all of the pics. Love the articles and reading the comments. Penny

  • as a young lad in the 50’s I used to accompany my father to where he worked at –WAYNE FOUNDRY & STAMPING CO. over on Michigan Ave and Hubbard as the Chief Drafting Eng. — since my fathers death in the early 2000’s and now I understand the company has closed and is now for sale — is there a way you can get pictures of that building inside and out– also while i am asking for pictures — I went to elementary school at –GUYTON – over on Phillip st . I grew up on Chalmers near Jefferson

  • I think we got somebody on it now that can get it taken care of.

  • Sweet looking shot of the broken main – the rust makes for great colors.

    Maybe by this summer they’ll notice it…?

  • Ohhhh, gotcha. Keep safe out there Dfunk, your photos keep me coming here daily!

  • That is a very high pressure line, and if it broke when I touched it I would expect it could kill me…so no…no I didnt try to turn the handle. Hahahaha ! Im not actually in the subterranean level, Im just holding the camera down through a hole in the floor. You dont even have to go in the building because its next to a window.

  • i noticed this leak last time i was in the D. :)

  • cmon, its the Great Lakes State…….a never ending supply of fresh water for Detroit to keep the streets moist.

  • lol!
    i think theyre waiting for some hip, industrious urban farmer type to come along and fix the leak themselves. that way the city doesnt have to do anything.

    im used to that kind of routine.

    take for example the property fencing along the Jefferson Ave frontage of Historic Fort Wayne (a city PRD property) which was destroyed back in October by a motorist careening thru it at 70mph. i had a sneaking suspicion that despite every assurance from the site manager that the PRD would get estimates and have it fixed via the insurance company, etc etc etc, that we would be fixing it ourselves.

    guess what, it’s now almost March…the caution tape which has been warding people away from the gaping hole has become tattered and useless, the DO NOT ENTER signs have faded, the ravaged fencing and barbwire remains laying across the sidewalk, and we are now out there picking up the remaining debris, taking measurements, price estimates, and doing preliminary work to fix it ourselves. big surprise. on saturday we finally cut down that massive dead tree that the guy’s Mercury Mountaineer bounced off of just before he died.

    the city has recognized the fact that volunteers will work for free, and they have become comfortable with this. anytime i hear “oh, the city is going to come and ___,” i know it’s nothing i need to put any stock in because whatever it is, THEY AINT. for all intents and purposes these days, the City of Detroit does not exist beyond the immediate downtown/midtown area. if you need some kind of infrastructure repair in your area, and your address is higher than 6000, youre shit out of luck. i think theyre trying to get people to catch the hint by letting shit like this go. it’s probably their game plan; instead of officially cutting off utilities & abandoning huge swaths of the city, just wont bother to fix them when they fail. eventually people will have no choice but to leave the area, and then they can market the whole parcel to some huge corporation like Marathon.

    /offhanded ranting

  • I wonder if the valve that is near the spraying water on the pipe would turn the water off? Dfunk, did you try to turn the valve while you were there? Of course that could of caused a worse situation.

  • Looks like the fire hydrant out front has a “Out of Service” tag on it. Hmmmmm, think maybe they are connected?

  • The water dept would go broke if all these leaks were fixed, seeing is how usage is down in the burbs. These are strategic leaks DFunk, meant to keep the usage levels “presentable”. Or this is a another example of Detroit not being capable of running anything.