all who wander are not lost

For a long time, it seemed that restoration and use of this 34 story sky scraper would never happen – but here we are – returning for a preview tour of the David Broderick Tower.

Thanks to the good people at J.C. Beal Construction we get to go on a tour of the Broderick Tower here.. The building is really coming along, and even has a finished model unit now. Many efforts are going into retaining as much as the buildings original beauty and design as well as its rather aged patina in places. Financially pragmatic, and yet historically sensitive.

First thing you are hit with is the splendid lobby interiors and ceilings.

First stop on the tour was straight to the roof. I haven’t been up there since 2004.

Fred Beal – on the external utility elevator giving information on the restoration and progress as well as expected use and leasing of units.

Fred Beal with the press group on the roof of the Broderick Tower.

The top penthouse level is not finished at this time because this type of construction on skyscrapers goes bottom to top. The model unit was done on a higher floor to show off views, while the remaining construction continues low to high.

Let’s check out some of the best views in the entire City while we are up here…

Fred Beal showing the model unit to reporters.

First two levels will be restaurant and mezzanine. Parking is plentiful for the building, via the underground municipal lot beneath Grand Circus Park (just like the Kales uses). The entry lobby will be staffed at all times.

8 Responses to Broderick Press Tour

  • for the website. i do work as a photojournalist too, but not on this. companies are getting smart about alternative media and reaching audiences, so i get lots of interesting people contacting me. free advertising for Broderick that gets to people who want to know – its real smart.

  • Excuse my stupid, but how’d you get your invite? It occurs to me it could be this site or a day job, but I’m just wondering which.

  • Oh I think about that all the time. How square footage can be so precious at one time and worthless at another. Move north, move back to the city – over and over. People are weird.

  • it’s bizarre how a space in a blg can go from being completely neglected one year, and no one is stopping you from walking up in there and doing whatever you want…enjoying the rich man’s view, taking a piss in the corner, having a party, whatever.

    then the next year they want to charge you >$1,000/mo to live in part of it, and now you have to stay within your little space instead of wandering freely thru the whole blg.

    or how you could have 2 blgs next to each other, one abandoned the other rented, and the people living in the one are paying rich bucks for the same view you could get by climbing up in the abandoned one.

    i mean it makes sense, but its still odd to think about.

  • ahahahaha ! not any time soon unless somebody wants to give me $300K for my house.

  • I miss that roof! Thanks for the pics, DFunk.

  • So, when do you and Mrs. Funk move in?

  • Very cool! Great shots. Maybe their logo should be “if you lived here you’d see home runs now”?