not all those who wander are lost

Broderick Lofts – hahaha! Remember this promise ? And the car ads covering the Wyland mural were going to help pay for restoration.

Dead in the water.

Who is going to pay now to make this thing into lofts with the current housing market ?

And who is able to buy them in this economy ?

And then this small restaurant storefront building next to Broderick – locals are reporting this as a building collapse – true ? It could be a demolition, but it certainly could have been structural failure as well.

But if you look at the loft rendering, theres the little restaurant that collapsed. So it was to be part of the new development. So what gives ? Did it just fall on its face for no reason ? Did they demolish it in spite of earlier design decisions ?

Another rendering which includes the collapsed building with its formerly distinct window awnings.

And then behind Broderick is still the twisted wreck of the Metropolitan Building, with its jagged widow-maker fire escapes protruding from its sides. Just waiting to take out some unwary passer by.

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