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  • Wonderful story Charles and Glenda. My one friend said to me the projects are only bad when you have people who don’t have respect. The sad thing is there are so many disrespectful kids and people these days. My grandfather always emphasized that people didn’t have much then but they were grateful and determined. Now these kids and some adults as well feel privileged like the red carpet should be laid down for them. And if it’s not? They are destructive and disrespectful. These are beautiful buildings filled with beautiful memories, your memories and history. I hope our generation shifts back to better times. Every time I hear “what becomes of a broken hearted” I always think of detroit as a whole, all Motown needs is a little TLC. I know some see this as clearing out buildings for vacant land but some of these masterpieces need saved. Bless you Charles for sharing your story! RISE UP DETROIT!

  • I share the same thoughts as Glenda Harper. I also wish to be given priority opportunity to spend my last retirement days where i was rasied from elementary through high school. I watched Diana Ross and her group sing under the street light on fridays nite right at St Antoine and Brewster.I pulled Stevie Wonder in his wagon as he played his harmonica on the Brewster Playground then down to Motown. I listen to Mr Nixion put togather the words to Marvin Gayes song Whats going on and others. The Temptations used to hang out under the tree at MaMa Jennies,sometimes David Ruffin would bring his horse and let us ride it around the Brewster Playground. I can go on and on .One of my favorite memories is what we then called the hole, where we did sleding during the winter and cardboard sliding during the summer, is knowed now as I-75. I liked it when it was Hasting street. I also knew Della Reese that lived on the corner of Hasting and Alfred she was acting and singing during that time. I also know Glenda .

  • As a child, I didn’t know that we were poor, or that other people (even some of our relatives & the “Elite Blacks” at Second Baptist Church) looked down on us – because we lived in the Brewster-Douglas Projects.

  • As a native Detroiter, who was raised in the Brewster-Douglas Projects, I pray that I would be given priority with the opportunity to purchase the land for redevelopment.

  • I’m happy to hear that Brewster Center is going to be renovated. I met Cassius Clay (later named Mohammed Ali) there. I won several trophies competing on the girls basketball, baseball, track teams & Summer Olympics. I also learned how to swim, play chess, volleyball, & make kites in Arts & Crafts class. I performed Modern & tap dance in our yearly Talent Shows. I hope that other children get the same opportunities there as I did while growing up in the Brewster-Douglas Projects (down the street from Diana Ross & her family). I have a lot of memories.

  • good ! there is a link on the bar under the header for “daily archive”. thats where all the past 10 years of stuff is.

  • Found it!

  • always wanted to see this place- never been in, maybe someday.

  • The City believes the land will be marketable after its torn down, meaning no current buyer and no redevelopment plans. But the Rec Center itself may be a different story than the Brewsters or Douglass Towers. There was talk of rehabilitation earlier this year, and they buffed all the graffiti off the outside of the building (lasted a few days). I also read that because the property was a low income project, any new project will have to include affordable housing. Dont know if that is true or not.

  • Any known plans for land usage after it’s all torn down? (Please don’t say urban farming.) Does Chris Webber want a refund…

  • I’m with you. As someone posted earlier, how many people are homeless in Michigan? I don’t see why this had to close. It seems to be well located with great views. What happens now?

  • Does anybody else feel the sadness in all of this.