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The abandoned Brewer Rec Center. Hey – according to this site, its available for event rentals ! Yeah, maybe a really yucky rave party, but…

Brewer received funds in 1979 for renovations of the kitchen facilities and a new roof.

In 2003 they were closed down.



In an ongoing effort to continue to streamline recreation activities and provide quality, cost-effective recreation programs to Detroiters, the Detroit Recreation Department will close Brewer Recreation Center, 4535 Fairview, on Friday, June 23.

So of course, this meant leaving the thing open to be looted, scrapped, vandalized and destroyed by elements.

The insides of this place were the usual blown out stinky mess of peeling lead paint and water torn plaster.

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  • Hey Yves! I just added your site link, I lost it somewhere along the line.

    Yes, is not the rate of destruction to these buildings just terrifying ?

  • The building was still almost intact in March 2008 with still every window and copper roof.
    In August 2008 last window was removed, it looked like displayed here.

  • Kind of looks in better shape than the Brewster Wheeler rec center.

  • What happened to the city of detroit?Those beautiful buildings left to rot.How in the hell did this happen?Why.

  • Omg, that’s only been closed for 6 years and looks like it’s been closed for 20 years. That’s really something for that much copper to be stolen with no one getting caught. Hmm.

  • Go to google streetview to see it pre-vandalized.

  • Boy, somebody must have gone on a huge crack bender for all that copper they stripped off the roof.

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