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  • Does anyone have any idea what the status of the alleged refurbishment of this building is? The Ferchill Group was talking about turning it into condos / apartments but I haven’t heard anything about that for the better part of a year.

  • Nikon d5000 – and these photos were taken with an 80-200mm Nikon silent wave ED 1:2.8D

    R Brown – yes, the sexiest statues this side of France !

  • Thanks for the explanation, d. What camera/lenses are you using now?

  • I almost feel guilty of “statuary rape” after ogling those comely babes. Quite pornographic.


    That one is a composite of two layers with different levels.

  • BTW – these are ALL handheld shots, they would be even sharper with a heavy tripod.

  • Thanx Kahnman and all – to answer your question K, no HDR was used as far as post processing. Most of these are straight out of camera, and several produced ‘perfect’ histograms, meaning a very even exposure.

    HOWEVER – most of these new cameras have what is called “D Lighting”, which can be applied to each shot as you go, and as an after shot in camera effect. D lighting does have an HDR look, and works on similar principals, IE illuminating shadow areas.

    I took these near sunset with the sun low in the west sky, so the western face photos are natural light, where the Washington Boulevard side photos will probably have more compensation in the shadow areas.

    The new camera is quite smart, and is by no means on the upper end of consumer products. (is not a professional grade SLR either, just smart as a whip)

  • Ouch. This has to be one of your most painfully beautiful posts, ever dfunk. From a distance, no one can even see the rich ornamentation and level of craftsmanship executed on this building.

    The stains on the statues just accentuate the misery of their burden trying to keep the ‘ol Book upright. Especially the 4th pic down – I can’t stop staring at it. Do I detect some HDR tweaks on some of these?

  • Randy,
    I received my copy of Lost Detroit on Friday. Beautiful pictures, but I must say yours are admirable also. The first thing I thought of was boy you guys have such a rich urban landscape to take pictures of, king of analogous to the rich natural landscape we have out here in Seattle. Alas your material is far more accessible than ours out here. One day I will tell you about how I was almost lost on a snowfield at 7000 ft the first time I went camping out here. Us boys from the flatlands need to be really careful when we move to a place where the elevation changes more than 100 ft. Check out to see one of my first good mountain pics out here taken with my old Pentax ME Super and a 50mm lens

  • What an absolutely gorgeous building. Your pictures are unbelievable.

  • So, do ya think the PC crowd these days would allow ornamentation like that on a building. Nice use of light dude.

  • Only pigeons, John.

    Thanks Nail !

  • Randy,

    Who occupies the Book Tower now?


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