not all those who wander are lost

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  • i love your perpective, you have an eye for the left overs of society.

  • Angela – that propped up fascade was in the city of Plymouth.

    Sam – always glad to hear from friends in the United Kingdom.

    As far as the Beebs commentary on Detroit, i.e. “a city inhabited only by the very poor and desperate”, yes – it is indeed in places quite poor. However, most of the nice areas are well beyond my standard of living. Thousands of homes and lofts and condos that are well in excess of $300,000.00 USD. I would love to live in Detroit, but currently my wife and I couldnt afford it.

    Hopefully my site shows both the ugly and the stunningly beautiful aspect of this city. In its prime, Detroit was known as “Paris of the Midwest”. Thats not a joke – it was ranked up there with all the worlds great cities. Its far from that now, but her people will never give up the fight to rebuild this great place.

  • Fantastic as always.

    Where is that propped-up facade in that fourth pic from the bottom located? That’s just cooly bizzare.

  • Great pictures, especially the first one. Looks more Detroit in black and white :) That said, I’m only thinking of the stereotype – I live in the UK and have never seen the city. All I know of it is from blogs like this one.

    Talking of the stereotype, I was reminded to check this blog again by a BBC radio programme this morning. They had a brief segment about General Motors including a one-line description of Detroit: ‘a ruin of a city inhabited only by the very poor and desperate’ :)


    That theater is the Eastown Theatre – CH Crane architect. In its final years of operation it was a rock and roll venue. Iggy and the Stooges, Alice Cooper – bands like that.

    Now its owned by a cultish “church” group that has been subject of numerous investigations. There is also a set of apartments on the other end of the building that are still in use.

    Always great to hear from one of the other fifty great States of America !

  • Beautiful pictures…what’s the former theater third pic from the bottom?

    By the way, I check your site everyday here in Wisconsin…

  • Great pics…especially coming off of the last post