not all those who wander are lost

The story goes like this: For years in this region, there has been an urban legend about a place called “The BigBoy Graveyard“..It was like the lost Elephant Graveyards of Africa or something…People all heard of it, but nobody had actually seen it with their own eyes. The BigBoy Graveyard actually existed…And its one of the saddest places in the DetroMetro area (if not the world) , its damn hard not to shed a tear there for all the fallen Boys.

Where do BigBoys go when they die?
They don’t go to Heaven where the Angels fly.
Go to a Lake of Fire and fry.
Wont see em’ again til’ the 4th of July.

In this area of Michigan the BigBoys were usually run by EliasBrothers restaurant group. I think the very first BigBoy was Bobs BigBoy in California. Theres all different kinds in different states in the USA.

“ride moto cross” is all they could think to write on this BigBoys face ? Jeeez.

The “Boy” eventually had his market crushed by clown burgers, king burgers and hot n juicys. But for a while he was the king.

Ever wondered what made a BigBoy spin ? No ?….Well heres how anyway…

“My God, My God – Why have you forsaken me ??”

29 Responses to BigBoy Graveyard

  • i want a big boy statue for my living room.

    who can sell me one?

    Johnny B

  • did any of you use your straw to shoot the frilly toothpicks that were stuck into the big boy sandwich into the restaurant’s ceiling? maybe it was just me.

  • What a huge waste of an icon. Don`t give it to a museum or something.IDIOTS

  • I have a big boy that my kids got us for our anniversary. I string lights on it and use it as our Christmas tree. I took a pic. of this, and want to use it for our xmas cards, but can’t think of any clever wording to go with it. Any suggestions??


  • When California voted to keep Bob or let him go I got a 6 or 8 footer off the ‘hill of Bobs’ out at a local restaurant and have restored him. He sits out by the pool and holds the sign that reads “Warning… You are the lifeguard”. He is so much fun to have around! P.S. Is it just me or did they fashion Jimmy Neutron after Bob?

  • Bill,
    trying to contact you about the big boy statue that you have. please email me.


  • I have a big boy statue in excellent condition for sale pick up only if anyone is interested. $2250 and its yours. Send me an email and I will send pics next week.
    I am sorry to get rid of this however have to raise some capital.


  • I collect Shoney stuff–it is my hubby’s nickname since High School.
    Can we still see this “graveyard” I’d Love to take some cool pics there for my collection.

  • A note for all Big Boy followers…you are invited to visit a Big Boy in South Central Alabama. Best I can recollect…his burger is missing, but he sits atop a very tall poll right off of interstate 65 about 10 mintues south of Montgomery,Alabama. He is very lonely and sits in front of a shack, right beside a gas station/convenience store. Please don’t steal him. I know the temptation would be overwhelming to some of you…but he watches over us. A gaurdian angel of sorts.

  • WOW!!! This reminds me of the Las Vegas NEON graveyard…people should restore big boy and give him a home damn it!!!!!

  • Super sad, I loved BIG BOYS, LAST Ate at the one in Hattiesburg Mississippi in 1960’s.
    Wish I had one of them , and restore it.

  • R.I.P. Big boy

  • mad juggalo luv for the big boys, i was very sad to see the dead big boys….

  • Where is this place located at? I would like to go visit this place. My father’s generation in my family had alot of connections with Big Boy……

  • TAKE THIS OFF THE INTERNET. How would you like it if someone posted photos of your dead grandma? Remove or we will take action.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Big Boys. :)

  • pk – no problem, and thank you so much for asking first !

  • Wow, love these pics. Wondering if I could use one of the pictures and link to this topic from my blog. I would greatly appreciate it and I do live in the Detroit area.

  • Gotta <3 the Detroit. I live about an hour or so away from D-town. Sadly enough, our Big Boy is up and running! I just have issues with it cuz well they wash their eating utensils but they still have spots and stuff on em’. It’s dirty there. I’d actually be scared if I walked into that graveyard though. The Big Boy statue is just too…clown/child looking and that aint good :P

  • I knew a guy who stole one of the Big Boy statues (from an already closed down store) and had it in the front window of his house. He actually called the parent company to say he would pay for it but they said no, go ahead and keep it.

  • You got it Kimberly – thats the one we speak of. I would park in the school lot there when visiting the “Boys”. It got cleared out shortly after Pedro and I posted the original photos last year.

  • Big Boy graveyard? No, no my friend. You’ve discovered the Garden of Eden.

    And the Lord Sayeth, “Let he who makes the onion rings cast the first stone.”

  • If this place was in Warren, than I used to go to school right next to it. If not, there used to be another big boy graveyard in Warren, last year sometime they cleaned it all out and use it to store semi-trailers now. The big senior prank for the high school used to be to steal one from the graveyard and put it on the front lawn of the school.

  • I love the last Big Boy shot. Masterful use of the wide angle for a dramatic photo.

  • This is ineffably cool.
    I’m dying to have a Big Boy ruin for my very own.

    One of my favorite high school teachers was nicknamed “Big Boy” because he looked exactly like Big Boy, except slimmer and not made of plastic.

  • Very interesting,they just took ours in alpena michigan down a couple years ago. WHY??? These are cool………..

  • You mentioned the photos were taken a while back, are the Big Boys still there? Heck, I’d drive up from Texas to grab one to put in the back yard. I lived in Detroit for a while and loved Big Boy, their seasoned salt is still the best…

  • Really cool! Thanks!

  • coolest…….. place……… ever………. oh how i have to see this with my very own two eyes.. “ride moto cross”. come on now, thats lame. who in thier right mind would spray paint a big boy?