now with even more funk !

So Im trudging through this field and I see all these green apples on the ground…

They were strange, not like any apples Ive seen before.

I looked around and I did not see any farmers or anybody who looked like they owned an apple tree – so I helped myself.

They werent quite what I expected…very tough and rubbery

I had them all to myself though….heh.

4 Responses to Bellevue Avenue

  • Sure you arent thinking of Park Davis ?

    Well, if it wasnt the loft building, it was where that building is. 325 was the addy.

  • no way… i thought those lofts were like a pharmaceuticals company or something to that effect. or at least thats what the name of the lofts seemed to suggest, if i remember correct (kinda drunk right now)

  • What I found says that the Hup factory was the lofts on the corner of Bellevue and Jefferson, across Bellevue from Wendy’s. The addy was 325 Bellevue.

    Hupp even made an electric vehicle with a Westinghouse motor !

    Heres the GoogleMaps view:

    View Larger Map

  • that blg in the 1st 2 shots is/was Michigan Coldform…

    which one is the Hupp blg? i thought that collapsing one was used by Hudson Motors(?)

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