not all those who wander are lost

The Detroit Bell Telephone building. Simple, but with some stunning art deco relief work – complete with “bell” motif.

Wow, Im sure glad the government got in there and busted up Ma Bell – and got rid of inexpensive reliable service that nobody ever had a complaint about. Telecommunications have practically ruined our culture, turning humans into cellphone zombies constantly staring at their digital pacifiers every minute of the day. Its nice having a portable phone for emergencies, but every thing beyond that is merely sociological damage. I think I hate the ear roaches the most, those little blue tooth thingies people wear like a fashion accessory – causing them to shout out conversations in public places. At least when you hold a phone in your hand and talk, it signals to others that you are conversing with another human, rather than with unseen voices in your head.

Every high school teacher out there knows EXACTLY what I am talking about.

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