Here’s yet another Bell Telephone Company building from the West Side – 1927. Quite a grand entryway too.

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  • ah yes, the old Vinewood CO.
    as youve shown, the entryways to all Detroit CO’s were bricked off or otherwise sealed years ago, in favor of more secure rear entrances within the yard fence. thus, many a pretty art-deco lobby has been abbreviated or lost altogether since the olden days.

    also whenever you enter a Detroit CO, it sets off a very loud alarm bell that you have to know how to deactivate. they dont do this in the burbs.

    as a result of the Detroit ’67 Riot, the phone company started building their COs without windows, and they took on the appearance of a bunker (see the ‘Tyler’ CO on Grand River by McGraw, or the ‘Plaza’ CO on VanDyke @ Gratiot, or the ‘Riverfront’ CO on E. Jefferson)

  • Everything is a surrealist painting.

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