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The Barton Dam in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

From ArborWiki

Barton Dam is one of Ann Arbor’s four dams on the Huron River. It was designed by engineer Gardner Stewart Williams and architect Emil Lorch and built in 1912-13. The earthen-construction dam is 34 feet high and 1767 feet long, and has a typical surface area of 315 acres and typical storage of 5050 acre-feet

The City of Ann Arbor purchased the dam from Detroit Edison in the 1960s, and restarted hydroelectric generation in the 1980s. The facility has a 900-kilowatt turbine that generates 4.2 million kWh per year.

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Of course I had to take the long way through the nature preserve. “Scenic route”

Railroad bridge over the Huron River

I love these signs: “When horn sounds, it is already too late to run” – and – “When horn sounds, assume the position and kiss your ass goodbye”

hahahahahaha !

Okay that’s not what they really say.

lol – look at Mr Driphead or whatever that logo dude is supposed to be – hahaha !

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