not all those who wander are lost

BAR BAR ! Sadly the Arcade bar bit the dust awhile back. Great place.

Heres a peek inside, looks like you could open it up with a cash drawer and some murpheys oil soap. Maybe the owners can get it going again ?

And a few slots over we have one of the famous Coney Islands in Downtown. Theres two, and they are right next to eachother. I have no preference.

Now that former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is in jail, can we have the Belle Isle Aquarium back now ?

who says the credit markets are dried up ? The Credit King will lend you as much as you want, so long as you leave your gold watch as collateral !

Heres Discover Detroit chick hard at work. A well meaning show about all the wonderful places in the Detroit Metro area, even if its narration is a bit retarded.

Oh, and kids – do NOT try this at home.

I was tempted to go over and flip the ON switch, but Im betting that dude wouldnt have found it as funny as I would have.

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